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Ullas Occhi World (Tatting / Schiffchenspitze / Frivolité)


Nothing is more expressive as the internet. Every day new home pages  will be opened, while others close forever. So it is impossible to serve a  complete an actual list of links. The best way to find home pages about  tatting is to use a search engine like AltaVista, Yahoo or Lycos   and let it search for "tatting"  or "tatting shuttle". An other way is to look an the following  home pages, which have link tables and in part WEB Rings connected all  over the hole world:
ZEAL (Professional tatting directory with rating) note: redirect slows down performance
Kölner  Spitzentraum (Christiane Eichler) -German and English-
Daniel Rusch-Fischer  (Tatmeister) -English- and German-
Mimi  Dillman's Tatting Links  -English-
Mark  Myers (Tatman) -English-
PICOTNET  -English
Suzann Welker   -English-
TATTERED    -English-
Tatters  Home Page  -English-
Kersti Anear / The Elegant Art Of  Tatting   -English-
The  ShuttleSmith  -English-
This ´n´  Tat -- Tatting and Lacework  -English-



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