My Shuttle Collection 

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My shuttle collection

The usual shuttle is made of plastics. Robust an compact is it the ideal  companion on the transit.

At home  in my show-case I have a lot of non-trivial shuttles.  Although they have unusual forms or materials they are useful with no  restrictions.

Here is a little selection:


My whole pride, a very old shuttle made of ivory. I  found it on a flea market. Besides a very old shuttle made of  tortoise-shell. By the way: the doily is antique, too.


Schiffchen aus Elfenbein und Schildpatt


Schiffchen aus Sterling-Silber

This shuttle is made of sterling silver. Single hand  crafted by Karen Bovard (The Shuttle Smith / see link sites!).

The shuttle in the middle with a fish form is made of  bone. The shuttle on the left is made of brass, the shuttle on the top  is made of silver and the one on the right side is made of amber. All  were handcrafted by Heiko Pund, Bardewischer Ring 24, D-27809 Lemwerder,  Tel. (0421) 671741 (See address on  contact site) .


Schiffchen aus einem Mammutzahn


Schiffchen aus Schildpatt

The shuttle on the right an the needle are made of horn  (of a cow). The other shuttle is made of rose wood.

An antique shuttle made of shellac. I found it at an  assets dealer. It has a beginning work from the former owner.


Antikes Schiffchen aus Schellack


These shuttles show, that there were many colors  available in former times, too.



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