The Third Dimension 

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The Third Dimension

In my favorite needlework and wool shop I found some time ago plastic  stalks for different flowers. They were ordered from someone, to set  crocheted bleeding on it. The ready made issues didn't look bad from  extensive sight. But from the proximity it couldn't be overlooked, that  teal flowers are much to filigree to be imitated with crocheted stitches.  So I decided to try it once with tatting. Then I lost it from the eyes.

Lively through Tatman's project of the month (see: with a tulip, I however later progressed at the work. Here are my first  results:

Easter lily / Daffodil

The instruction originates from Christel  Weidmann

Osterglocke / Daffodil
enlargement (29 kb)

Nelke / Carnation
enlargement (27 kb)

I made the carnation from Gun Blomquist and Elwy Persson's frill.
1. row 18 - 20 rings
2. row repeat ornament 36 - 40 times

The instruction originates from Adelheid Dangela (from "OESE III")
For remedy the pattern was stretched over a balloon and sprayed with  starch:

I used a balloon

Tulpe / tulip
enlargement (23 kb)

Tulpe / tulip
enlargement (28 kb)

Rose / rose
enlargement (21 kb)

Blue rose
The ornament is from Mary Konior. I have made some little changes to  full of the rose .

My cat thinks, she is my best. When I make so many photos from the  flowers, then there should be at least one picture of her, she told me.  And stroke an attitude. I always do, what my cat wants ;-))

my cat


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