Classic Tatting 

Ullas Schiffchenspitze (Occhi / Tatting / Frivolité)

Traditional and always actual (classic tatting)

I came to this craft by a friend of my parents. This was a craft teacher and died too soon.

Mom had several doilies, which were not crochet or knitting. They were made by little knots in rings and linked bows. Everyone in my village could tell me that this was tatted, but no one could show me how to do. So I had to wait 12 years until I found shuttles in Frankfurt/Main.

Later Mom got a book about tatting. There stood a lot about tatting, but not how to do it. The knots I tried got right, but I couldn't close them. So I had no waste of wool, because I could draw it up every time (;-)).

So I threw it in a corner, got it back, threw it again and so on. At least I understood the craft. In the beginning the knots were a little large, but I could close them and make lace. Now my daughter an I like to carry tatted collars to our clothes. It is self evidence, that our hankies have tatted rounds an find their place in tatted bags. Sometimes I get out my best doilies for dinner.

There would be much to many patterns to show them all. So I would like to present some as examples:


picture of a red and a white collar

Two collars. The white one is from Minsk (Russia). I made the blue collar by a pattern, which a friend bought in Sewastopol (Russia).

Two more collars from my "little" daughter, which I enlarged to her growth.


Two collars


Picture of a red doily

A doily. I am still currently working on it. It is an UFO, an unfinished object ;-))

An old hanky with tatting from the 19th century.

There is an historic pattern at
Tatmeister's page. Have you see it?


an old hanky